REQUEST FOR PROPSALS Posted: November 1, 2017
The Klamath Basin Senior Citizens’ Center (KBSCC) is requesting proposals for
four small capital projects to be funded through the Oregon Department of
Transportation(ODOT) utilizing Section 5310 funds provided by the Federal
Transportation Administration. Project proposals shall include all expenses
including engineering, design, permitting and complete implementation or
installation and are to be performed and contracted for in full compliance with
agreement number 32394 between KBSCC and ODOT to include payment of
wages at Davis Bacon prevailing wage rates.
Projects include the following:
1) Overhead extension of electrical service from the Senior Center’s
main building and service panel to a recently constructed bus barn to
include mast and sub service panel, multiple wall outlets, adequate
LED interior lighting, outlets to service installation of eight garage door
openers, the installation of exterior high intensity LED lighting
mounted on the bus barn and one utility pole for broadcast lighting of
the parking areas immediately around said bus barn.
2) Provision of eight garage door openers with duplicate remotes for
3) Weatherization of the bus barn to include roof drainage gutters,
sealing of the perimeter to prevent water from entering the bus barn at
ground level and recommended insulation and heating equipment.
4) Provision and installation of a surveillance system to provide
adequate exterior and interior security.

Contractors may bid on any single or combination of the above projects so long
as each is priced independently and can be separated from the proposal if
necessary. Proposers shall perform a site visit prior to making a proposal and
consult with the KBSCC Executive Director to review expected project
This notice is posted for 14 days and proposals are due within ten days
following publication or by close of business (4:00 pm) on November 27 th .
Contracting awards are expected to be made within 10 days and work is
expected to be scheduled for completion as soon thereafter as possible. All
contracts are to be completed no later than April 30, 2018.
Copies of the Funding Agreement 32394 are available at KBSCC, 2045 Arthur
Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon. Contractors should schedule an appointment for
review of this agreement and related compliance documents. Questions may be
addressed to Marc Kane, Executive Director at or by
calling 541-883- 7171 Ext 117.


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